It Has Been A While

April 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Has it been 2 years? I looked back at the last post and it was published on 8th January 2015, so okay, it has been just over a year. I find that strange because time feels as though it moves so quickly, but then it obviously has not been going as quickly as I felt it had.

What has happened? What has changed? Questions I ask myself and others might too.

Well, firstly, I completed a Foundation Art & Design course which was the duration one year, and that explains my absence, I was so busy putting my all into it I stopped properly blogging half way through. Usually people who want to go to universtity in the art, design or graphics sector will take this course as an advantage over other applicants, say over someone who has just finished A-Levels. When I was applying for the course it was all for fun at the time, to fill empty time and I was adamant that I did not want to go to uni afterwards.

I learned so much and taught myself so much during that year, it is amazing actually, when I reflect and think about how far I come. I learned how to use watercolour, learned how to develop photographs, learned silk screen printing, lino printing, etching, and how to draw better. I learned that hard work and determination are the best ways to improve yourself. Honestly and truthfully there is no other way around becoming good at something. I went to Amsterdam and I went back to London and visited places I hadn’t before,

I also got disappointed because I did not get the grade I wanted. I have gotten over it now. I came to the understanding that grades are not everything, and in fact you don’t always need grades to get you where you want to be. You don’t even need A-Levels. I worked hard and I created something I was proud of and something that when others looked at, were amazed at. The feedback my tutors gave me when I looked at that piece of paper was: ‘You can get into any uni with this, and you’re a mature student now. You didn’t have A-Levels like everyone else so you’ve done really well.’

I am a bit of a secret internal competitor, I only want to compete with myself and other people do not matter to me. I want to break my own personal records. I had too high an expectation of myself at that time and somehow I don’t feel as if I have let myself down at all. And I never want people to know what I am doing until I finish.

Secondly, I write monthly for a relatively new website. I can finally put into use that Journalism Diploma I got years back! I do find it more mentally strenuous than drawing and painting however I love that it challenges me and pushes me out of my comfort zone. Learning the theory and doing are two completely different things. I learn so much about new concepts, start ups, brands and people, it is a wonderful way to experience the world and meet like minded people who have the same interests and passions as you. Including Star Wars.

Have a visit: 

Thirdly, I am trying to find a job but it is not as easy as I thought- either that or I’m being picky, I don’t really want to be washing up in the back of a restaurant. I guess I don’t really have the experience yet so people just glance over my CV. I do volunteer at the National Trust and that is the extent of it really. Score for experience!

Fourthly, I am back to having lots of (sort of) time on my hands. Now I paint or draw almost everyday and I make my own watercolour journals because even the lesser quality ones are expensive. I kick myself mentally for not going out for a walk more often, even more that today the sun is shining happily on the bare and awakening trees. I do martial arts twice a week aswell, so I’ll see how that goes.

Expect some future posts on art, maybe some books, maybe random photographs from my wandering about the town and hills.





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