Algarve: Portugal, December 2014

December 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

This was an impromptu ‘holiday’. My Grandma had recently got very ill, leaving her unable to read and drive so she constantly needed someone with her. Originally my father was going to Portugal where she lives, along with my brother and sister for some mountain biking practise. But somehow all four of us elder children ended up going.

I really didn’t want to go, but after lots of pressure from my family I thought maybe I should go after all, spend some time with my Grandmother and get a little break from the house (although I was still doing housey stuff while I was in Portugal). Primarily consisting of helping my Grandma while everyone else was out, walking her dogs, cooking dinner etc.

I’ve been to Portugal many times, so I spent a lot of my time in the house and on the surrounding land, when I went a couple years ago however we really did a little tour of the Algarve, visited lots of beaches and sites.

My day consisted of a walk to the beach pretty much every morning, playing some tennis, reading, homework, doing some other work- well you get the gist, it was pretty laid back. I did go out a couple of time in the one and a half weeks I was there. And I also turned 20 on the 23rd!








Above are some various photos, I did write captions however they don’t seem to be showing up since I am writing this post on my iPhone. Sad I know, maybe when I put on my laptop I will edit and put in the captions.

I know it has been months since I wrote up a post, but I’ve been madly busy with college, so much work to deal with! But despite the stress I enjoy it alhamdulillah. I will make an effort to put more posts even I bombard you with art work from my classes.



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