Drawing: Elven Halls

September 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here’s another sketch post. Not much variation I know, but I will try and post something country side-y next week InshaAllah.

Yes I am a Tolkien fan and so I couldn’t resist drawing another fantastical scene from the movie. To be honest I don’t actually know if that particular shot was in the movie, but it was in a book that I have which was released to coincide with The Hobbit movies. There are six altogether and so far four have been released. They contain concept drawings, character development, costume development etc.  The image I used to base my sketch on was probably in an Art and Design book…. and I think it was a concept drawing. Maybe I can do a book review on them…

I really admire the work of the guys who do the concept drawing (John Howe and Alan Lee), they just use lines and it’s pretty amazing- if they want a darker area they add more lines, and for lighter area they use less. And the depth they create- I wish I could do that! I tried to do it their style, but my lines are more tight.


IMG_9311 IMG_9313

That’s it! I used Derwent sketching pencils and rubber to get the illusion of water falling over the doorway behind the bridge.


Please do not use photos without permission.


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