Poem of the Day: A Point of View

August 30, 2014 § 2 Comments

They said blindness is the loss of eyesight
I said it’s the loss of insight,not eyesight
They said love is an ordeal
no good is to be expected from it
and if it continues it doesn’t last,like a house made of sand in the rain
I said:love doesn’t die because of a lover who tripped over it
It’s enough for love that’s it’s name was derived from the core of the heart
I see it is a blessing
Even if we disagree with each other
And why should we be alike?
For unlikeness was there from the time people were created
A point of view
O who sees that love is abandonment,
Tears of awakening nights
Let me tell you that your dread won’t stop destiny
The sweetest of love is the type that burns in the heart with no sparks
And love was kept by the one who called out
in the strings of early dawn
With love the Nasiri come preaching through villages!
With love Dawud whispered to his Lord and invited the rocks
And Ali sacrificed himself for our prophet on the bed in the time of danger
With love has Zamzam poured forth
With love the mother’s breast produced
My friend!If it wasn’t for love
My sins would have never been forgiven!
With the love of the Most Dignified and His slave I escape Hades
A point of view
Have you realized the meaning of love?
Or shall I give you more examples?
Behold!May Allah preserve you
Perhaps you will reconsider!
I don’t want you to be singled out
as a being bitter and unproductive
I have given you my spindle
and it’s up to you to choose the wool for it
A point of view. .



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