Time & Contentment

August 22, 2014 § 1 Comment

Many times a day we ask ourselves many questions. Questions about ourselves, questions about the world, the universe. We wonder, we ponder, we dream.  We lie, we fear, we ask for forgiveness. We do things we don’t mean to, we regret- or we don’t regret.

Our emotions flicker so quickly, like a candle flame in the wind before we snuff them out. We cannot decide what we feel, we change our minds before we can comprehend ourselves. We feel so busy that we don’t think we have time to understand our souls. But we do.

We voice that time flies- we want more hours in the day, but should there be more hours in a day would it make a difference? Would it really feel like we have more time? No, we would still always want more. Nobody can live forever, yet would our lives be measured shorter if the days were longer? For each of us time feels like it has a different span. It moves differently, we use it differently. But it’s all the same stuff, of all the same measure.

An hour can be no less than an hour, there will always be 60 minutes in an hour. Can an hour be changed? Or a minute no less than a minute? But a day, a day can be 100 years, or 200 hundred years, more or less. A day can be few hours. Its all about the sun, the spinning, the rotation, the question is how long it takes for one side of a planet to be touched by the sun rays and back again. Even a year is not certainly measured.

So how do you measure life? By hours? By minutes? No. I have realised there is no certainty in time, there is no perfection in time. Because an hour can be off by a point of a second. Some people measure time from the sun, and some measure time from the moon.

‘The true span of life is measured by the number of days in which we are content.’

Is it true? If our lives were measured by number of day in which we are content, how short would they be? How many of us are truly content?

‘By time,

Indeed, mankind is in loss.

Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth, and advised each other to patience.’

Surat Al Asr

How perfect is this Surah. Think about it for 5 minutes. Think about it literally and figuratively. The Quran is a book of parables, signs and science.

I guess in the end, you have the ability to spend your lifetime as you will. Some do not, some are shackled to others, chained to things that they cannot break away from. The truth is, I’m still not sure what I have learned from answering my own questions. I feel like I’m throwing a ball that keeps bouncing back at me. There’s more questions and more answers to be found.

As a human there is still so much I don’t know, and still so much as a race we will never know. But I am content with one thing, Allah has an answer, I can read His book, open it at will and think. I always find something to understand, something new to learn. An Ayah that will make my heart tremble and raise goosebumps on my arms, it will make me despair of myself and yet rejoice in the mercy of my Lord.








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