Book Review: The Colour Mixing Bible

April 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

As someone who enjoys painting, but has never been taught how, I wanted to educate myself on the subject of mixing colour. How can I achieve that glowing pink on the top of the clouds at sunset.. and the perfect yellow with it?

And yet… no matter what I do I can’t achieve that colour, it’s too opaque… it’s too yellow, or red… what colour do I add to make it brighter? Why are there so many yellows? And reds? Why can red be cool and warm when in school they told us red is warm colour?

Honestly, despite taking an art GCSE, I never really learned how to paint anything… maybe I learned more about artists, but nothing really contributed to my art skills, except drawing more often.

Well after some research and lots of  positive review reading on Amazon I decided to get a book that both looked interesting  and had great content layout. I can say right now this book is the one for me!

It is called ‘ The Colour Mixing Bible’ by Ian Sidaway.


The book contains an explanation at the beginning on colour theory, science of colour and colour mixing. The book covers nearly all popular mediums- acrylic, oil, ink, pastel, pencil, watercolour and gouache.


A page from the book explaining warm and cool colours.


Colours for a winter scene, also includes instructions for painting other scenes..


Different mediums on this page.




Examples of the chart for mixing colours… each medium has at least one page on reds, blues, greens etc…

So if anyone is interesting in art, drawing, painting or any other stuff that requires some knowledge of colour, I suggest you get this, however it might not be the book for you so do read the reviews!

I bought the book here.

Thanks for reading!






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