Doha, Qatar

March 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

Greetings dear  readers,

Right now I am on holiday in Doha, Qatar and this is actually my second trip here!

I most probably won’t be able to post anything on my blog unfortunately, however I will try my best to try and post something for you all, a quote or some photos. I do really want to do a post on my entire holiday here, maybe in two parts since 10 days is quite a log time to do a post about. Thankfully the flight here was wonderful, I had an exit seat and no one sitting next to me so it was just as good as business class (which my sister and father were in) my ticket was booked last minute, but I still got a good seat.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the flight, since I’m not one to document those kind of things. Wish I had a photo of the view as we were landing though.I will be attending lectures and try and get up to some interesting things while I’m here. And try not to eat too much.

Please like my Facebook page here, I will be uploading some photos on there. Follow me on Twitter here.





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