Drawing with Lines

February 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

I absolutely love to draw. Especially from observation. There is a tree outside my window which has held my interest for a while. However trees happen to be one of the scariest things for me to draw, the branches and the leaves terrify me…. how am I supposed to put thousands of leaves on paper with a pencil? And when drawing from my head the trees tend to look less tree-ish.


I would get a better photo, but I’m terrified to step outside, even a raincoat won’t protect me in this weather.

So I took a different approach. Pen and ink, no shading- just lines. Following the contours of the object . My first attempt at this technique was drawing a rose from my head, then I got side tracked and added sparkles (Beauty and the Beast was interfering).


I used a fine liner pen with 0.4 mm nib. My favourite to use is Faber Castell Pitt artist pens with Indian Ink (Indian Ink stays on most drawing surfaces, sometimes the ink separates when drawing with other pens.) However my set of four in different widths had run out so I used this random pen.


Here are some photos of my tree drawing from observation. It’s not yet finished (those evergreen needles are taking forever!) but I’m happy so far with the results.


Yes it needs a lot more foliage.


If all the trees in the earth were pens and the ocean, with seven more oceans, were ink still these could not suffice to record all the Words of God. God is Majestic and All-wise. Al Quran 31:27

If you would like a ‘how to’ on drawing like this comment below.



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